Congratulations to Chongqing Tengxiang Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. on its Opening

RELEASE DATE : 2021-03-03
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Chongqing Tengxiang Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. opened on the morning of March 3, 2021, more than 80 people of NEW ENERGY VEHICLE dealers, logistics vendors and industry representatives from Chongqing and other cities participate the opening ceremony.


Mr. Deng Yijun, Party Secretary of Nanjun Group, came to unveil the grand opening.


Mr. Long Bo

General Manager of Chongqing Banglong Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Tengxiang Automobile Sales Service Co. , Ltd. was initiated and established by Chongqing Banglong Import and Export Trading Co. , Ltd., focusing on NEW ENERGY  commercial vehicle sales and services. The company is general agent of Nanjun NEW ENERGY commercial vehicle in Chongqing.


This is the historic moment of Nanjun NEW ENERGY VEHICLE entering Chongqing after entering Chengdu market on September 23, 2020, marking the acceleration of the development of Nanjun NEW ENERGY VEHICLE.


At present, the truck market is facing great adjustment and change, NEW ENERGY VEHICLE is being implemented rapidly as a national strategy. To adapt to the policy adjustment and win the initiative in the fierce market competition, Nanjun focused on research and development, careful verification, a series of NEW ENERGY VEHICLE products suitable for different market demand are putted into mass production. Nanjun pure electric truck of this presentation is the fourth generation, has been mass produced and launched into the market.



Nanjun NEW ENERGY VEHICLE now have two platforms including Ruijie and  Ruishuai. The pure electric truck of this presentation adopt the world's first sales of CATL lithium iron phosphate battery pack which can be recycled more than 3000 times, 1 hour to full by fast charge, with comprehensive range of 376kM. And equipped with 4-shift AMT transmission for easy and comfort control, with guarantee of 5 years and 200,000 KM. Nanjun  NEW ENERGY VEHICLE are also equipped with industry-leading water cooling and heating systems, the battery is always between 25℃-45℃ of operating temperature while continuously charging and discharging under high and low temperature, longer using life and higher safety greatly improve vehicle attendance. Three power industry leader and equipment of Nanjun mature chassis to ensure that the new generation of Nanjun pure electric truck  has excellent and outstanding performance.


Customer-oriented, honesty-based, to provide our customers automotive products and service experience with better quality is the consistent pursuit of Nanjun.

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Welcome to Nanjun official website~

Welcome to Nanjun official website~~

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